Finally, a simple tool to make organizational change happen

The Priocta solution uses weekly question cycles to deliver insight to executors about organizational change. Questions and change metrics can be freely defined to refer to your change project. With the collected data you can perceive the intensity and integrity of the change, react faster to the current situation, engage employees, and base decisions on facts instead of gut-feeling.

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Priocta is easy solution for faster change


Basic steps with the Priocta solution

The saying "you get what you measure" holds true to organizational change management as well. When employees, managers and executives utilize specific measures indicating the change, those measures tend to receive the most attention. We have the perfect solution for you to succeed in transforming businesses.


01 Define

Define the key change indicators to measure the progression of the organizational change.


02 Deploy

Deploy the key change indicators and the personnel to the Priocta solution. Create user groups with separate metrics if required.


03 Educate

Educate personnel about the need of organizational change, the defined key change indicators, and the use of the free Priocta mobile app.


04 Monitor

Monitor the key change indicator trends, intervene and lead to better results. Enjoy the success!


Not just a survey tool

With most survey tools you send an email link to your respondents. But when attempting to understand long-term processes, such as organizational change, most survey tools become ill-suited to the task because they lack a repetitive functionality and have poor user experience in weekly recurring surveys. Among others, with the Priocta you can

Make the answering easy with free mobile app
Collect data anonymously if required
Send push notifications to those who have not answered

With a free mobile app and easy-to-use user interface succeeding becomes easier. See more about Priocta!

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Not just a survey tool


a lot easier for you with insightful data

Manager Dashboard
Manager Dashboard

Offer progress data of the change to those who make the decisions – the managers.

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Universal Purposes
Universal Purposes

Business transformation, employee engagement, production change project, or something else? Priocta bends to your needs.

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Involve Everyone
Involve Everyone

Managers define the change, but staff defines whether the change really happen. The Priocta involve everyone in the change process.

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Ready for Agencies
Ready for Agencies

Want to use Priocta with your own business and customers? With an agency user account you can process your customer organisations.

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Advertising and marketing agency Hurry


"In company offering professional services, the employee engagement and job satisfaction are crucial. Although everything was fine, we wanted to put extra effort to be the best place to work. The Priocta is the perfect tool to understand, how the actions made are affecting to employee engagement and based on that information we can make re-action. Thus, we can say that with the Priocta the change is really happening and even in a shorter time period."

Hurry Oy | Tero Hyttinen, Chief Executive Officer

Help everyone in your organisation to make a step further