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All priocta plans include the use of free mobile apps, managerial dashboards, option to use anonymity, several question types, user groups, and many other useful features to make the difference.

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10 USD / month

The plan is for you who run startup or small business, or perhaps you want to test and start using Priocta with smaller number of involved persons.

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  • 1 admin user
  • 5 total user (inc. admin)
  • 1 active survey
  • Free mobile apps
  • Managerial dashboards
  • Option to use anonymity
  • Several question types
  • User groups


60 USD / month

The plan is the most suitable for smaller organizational change projects including relatively small number of users, but ambition to make a difference.

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  • 3 admin user
  • 30 total user (inc. admin)
  • 3 active surveys
  • Reminders to users
  • Dashboard share


120 USD / month

The plan is the perfect one for all organizational change projects. Gain maximum benefit by involving unlimited amount of users to use of Priocta.

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  • Unlimited admin user
  • Unlimited total user (inc. admin)
  • 20 active surveys
  • Data export


If you need full access to Priocta with no restriction, the Enterprise plan is for you. In addition, if you need help with onboarding and would be delighted to have change management consultation or perhaps you want priority support, in those cases you should consider the enterprise plan.



Want to be a partner and use Priocta as a value adding tool in your offering? You can easily manage and operate your customers' organization change projects in Priocta. With Priocta you can combine your expertise to a solution that ables to measure and react to the change projects. So you can offer more quality to your customers. See also our affiliate program, here.

Customer Story

Hurry Oy

"In company offering professional services, the employee engagement and job satisfaction are crucial. Although everything was fine, we wanted to put extra effort to be the best place to work. The Priocta is the perfect tool to understand, how the actions made are affecting to employee engagement and based on that information we can make re-action. Thus, we can say that with the Priocta the change is really happening and even in a shorter time period."

Hurry Oy | Tero Hyttinen, Chief Executive Officer

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