How to measure employee engagement more efficiently?

How to measure employee engagement more efficiently?

Do you wait until it’s the end of the year to measure employee engagement? If so, then you must be receiving some very outdated information about how engaged your employees are. There are many dangers to surveying employee engagement only at the end of the year.

How to measure employee engagement more efficiently?

The solution to avoiding such errors is to implement continual methods of measuring employee engagement.

First, the ‘halo effect’ could take place whereby employees behave well because they know the evaluation is coming. The opposite of this is the ‘horn effect’ whereby an employee may be evaluated harshly simply because they were not on their best behavior towards the evaluation period. Another downside of this form of evaluation is that it fails to account for employee engagement throughout the year. What if an employee was performing really well and slacked only at the year-end for various reasons? What if an employee was not a good performer but only upped their game at the end of the year?

Another peril to employee engagement measurement is whereby you might experience the evaluators’ bias. When you use managers to conduct this assessment, they may produce biased results, whereby their reports may be influenced by their personal opinions, bias or favoritism. Human is to error and measuring employee engagement may be subject to forgetfulness.

Further, the evaluator may focus on elements that are important to them individually but not directly translating to the goals of the organization. For example, an evaluator may positively recommend an employee who easily interacts with others and translate that as engagement, and yet this employee may not be a high performer and probably spends high amounts of time socializing.

The continual methods of measuring employee engagement could be the solution for you

The solution to avoiding such errors is to implement continual methods of measuring employee engagement. These should take place throughout the year and well-targeted to capture the right elements of employee engagement that matter to your organization.

Consider seeking dynamic manners to measure employee engagement. Such include tools that have recurring question cycles. These tools measure engagement throughout the year by asking employees various questions regarding their work. Because these tools are frequently administered, they can catch actual engagement at the different times they are used. As a result, they provide more timely and reliable data about employee engagement than an annual evaluation does.

If you intend to make some organizational change within the organization regarding employee engagement, you need the most reliable information you can get. Today, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee engagement and the role that well-engaged and satisfied employees play to the overall organizational success.

Priocta offers organizational change management tools that can help your organization make impactful changes in employee management. These tools are prepared to capture the elements of employee engagement that are vital for your engagement. They then use a reasonable frequency to capture this information so that you receive timely data on how satisfied and engaged your employees are. Further, they propose the changes you can make within the organization to improve employee engagement. They are responsible for the overall business transformation for your organization.

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